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The Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager:

Statistics show that tenants who rent

properties under property management


  • Pay rent on time and rent longer

  • Put less wear and tear on the unit

  • Generally cause fewer problems


Seasoned Property Managers Yield:

  • Better tenant retention

  • Tighter rent collection process

  • Lower maintenance and repair costs

  • Increased value of the investment

  • Shorter vacancy cycles

  • Fewer costly and time consuming legal problems


How Do They Do This?


  • Extensive tenant screening

  • Handling property related deposits, and all rent collections

  • Swift eviction process for non-pays

  • Site inspections to ensure safety and property conditions

  • Contracts and legal disclosures

  • Effective lease termination

  • Utilize the most legally up-to-date software, including all contracts and documents pertaining to real estate and real estate law


What Does This Mean to You?


  • No more stress & frustration

  • No late night or weekend tenant calls

  • No dealing with HOA issues or complaints

  • No dealing with notices or evictions

  • Free up more of your time 

  • Peace of mind

What Full Service Management Includes:
  • Applicant Screening: Each applicant, age 18 and over, is thoroughly screened. We conduct employment and full rental history verifications, as well as a comprehensive background screening which includes a credit report and FICO score, a nationwide criminal background report pulling records from both the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ), plus a scan for all known aliases of an applicant.  We check for any possible hits on the nationwide sex offender registry, and we pull data through the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) to look for any drug traffickers or known terrorists. Our background screening also includes the National Eviction Registry, whose eviction database includes over 35 million records and is constantly growing. This is now the largest database available in the country!  Our background screening also includes Social Trace and TeleCheck.


  • Leasing Guidelines: Stringent pre-screening and leasing guidelines ensure that your property is attracting only well-qualified applicants, resulting in lower turnover and possible evictions.


  • Site Inspections: We conduct ongoing site inspections before, during, and after tenancy. Our thorough property inspections document every detail, no matter how little or big, on the property's condition. Our site inspections include a detailed room-by-room report, complete property, and in some cases property videos.

  • Accounts Receivable/Collection: Collection of all rents, including applicable late fees.

  • Tenant Notifications: Monthly email notifications to tenants reminding them of rents due, rents past due, any/all charges, and credits to their account.

  • Tenant Portal: The tenant portal allows tenants to log in to their accounts to view their balances, check account activity, and update their contact information.


  • Owner Disbursements: Monthly disbursements to property owners via direct deposit. Monthly reports include Income and Expense Reports, General Ledger (most agencies only provide the Income and Expense Report), copies of rent receipts and payments, and all expense receipts.


  • Annual Tax Reports: Income and Expense Report, General Ledger, Account Summary, Operating Statements, 1099 Report, Schedule-E Report, and Depreciation Schedule. 


  • Property Reports: Workorder Reports, and detailed Property Performance Reports.


  • Accounts Payable: Vendor management and payment for repairs and improvements.


  • Defaults/Evictions: Default action for non-pays, including eviction proceedings if necessary (legal fees and court costs are at the owner's expense).

Fee Schedule:

Contact our office for fee schedule, additional information, or for information on our leasing services which are separate from management.

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